Execution Process

  • Sales traders represent customers’ orders with care not to affect the prevailing balance between buyers and sellers
  • Each opportunity to execute an order inside the bid/ask spread represents edge that serves to increase a position’s total return
  • New Albion constructs a consolidated market from a wide breadth of market participants that customers are unable to access on their own
  • Clients are protected from having a name attached to a trade that a bank or dealer with principal-based trading might use to its advantage
  • New Albion uses the latest electronic trading technology and trading algorithms to access both lit and dark markets to complement traditional voice-brokering


  • Extensive network of banks, proprietary trading desks, exchange operators, off-floor market makers, hedge funds, pension funds, and other buy-side and sell-side entities.
  • New Albion leverages a diverse client base to match trades between market participants that deploy a wide variety of trading strategies and disciplines.