New Albion Partners, or NAP as many of our client’s refer to us was formed in 2004 and is headquartered in New York City. Over the years, NAP’s business has expanded from a core competency exclusively based in agency-only options execution to now include macro strategy, technical analysis, and derivative structuring. The Firm’s client base has grown from traditional hedge funds to include pension funds, mutual funds, investment advisors, and other institutional asset managers. Our broadened expertise in the aforementioned fields allow us to address the varying landscape of the investment world. Furthermore, our core competencies have strong synergies that make our Firm greater than the sum of its parts.

Our vision is to continue to grow our product offerings but at a measured pace and without disruption to our existing core products and services. We conduct our business through a lens that reflects a very challenged environment for the investment world, whether you are on the buyside or sell-side. Differentiation and true value to the client’s investment process are unnegotiable traits both products and services must possess in today’s world. NAP believes it is uniquely structured to thrive in such a world.

FCF Intermediate Holdings, our parent company, also owns San Francisco-based Casey Securities and Chicago-based FOG Equities. Our two sister firms provide NAP with additional access to pools of liquidity in the listed options and equities markets.

Casey Securities is a non-customer facing option floor-broker based out of NYSE Arca in San Francisco, CA that was founded in 1976. Casey Securities has relationships that go back 40 years with some of the largest listed-option liquidity providers in the country. Our relationship with Casey Securities allows us to leverage Casey’s legacy relationships for options liquidity at a time when liquidity has become a difficult thing to access.

FOG Equities is a non-customer facing equity floor-brokerage operation founded in 2011 based out of the CHX in Chicago, IL. FOG is an active participant in equity-block trading and boasts strong relationships with some of the country’s largest institutions within the equity space. NAP is able to tap into FOG’s relationships and offer access to equity liquidity in a similar capacity that major bulge bracket broker-dealers offer its clients.